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Friday, November 4, 2011

Atlanta Trip 2011

So the Hubs and I went to Atlanta, Ga for the weekend and ate.....a lot! We went to a joint called Stone River Legendary Steaks. Semi-upscale steak house with a lot of flavor!

Christopher had their Lobster Bisque which he thoroughly enjoyed. I, however, found it to be L-A-M-E! It tasted like Campbell's tomato soup w/ a dash of heavy cream and a sprinkle of lobster-like particles. Whatever floats his boat and it had better float for about $4-5 a bowl!

To the left is what they call "Stone Puppies" They are basically little mini rolls with poppy seeds and served w/ a deliciously amazing honey butter. These were pleasurable to the taste buds!

I would love to show you a picture of the meal we ordered, however, we were so excited when it came that we forgot to take pictures until it was all gone. Well it was mangled to the point that taking a picture would not do it justice!

I had a sirloin steak served "oscar" with fries. It was a decent steak. I ordered it medium, which was a mistake. I should have asked for medium rare, but I'll know next time. "Oscar" as they call it, is throwing a few pieces of crab meat on top. Nice touch, but not worth the extra $6.00 I paid for Oscar! Christopher chose the tuna and mashed potatoes. I expected it to be a tuna fillet, however, it was sushi size pieces of tuna that were barely left in the pan long enough to turn white, muchless brown a bit! He ordered it medium and it came out RARE! He said that he enjoyed the meal.

Overall nice experience, however, I would probably not return. The bill didn't meet my taste's expectations.

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