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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beef Stew

This was the best beef stew I have ever had/made in my entire life!!!!

2 LBS stew meat

3 TBS flour

2-3 tbs veg oil


2 cups beef broth

2 cups water

1 envelope of GOLDEN onion soup mix

1 TBS garlic powder

1 TBS parsley flakes

1 Bay Leaf

6 Russet Potatoes Chopped

3 Carrots chopped

Heat the oil in a big pot to medium high heat

Toss meat in flour and pepper

brown the meat in oil until most of the sides are brown

add beef broth and water and turn the heat up

add the soup mix, garlic, parsley, and bay leaf simmer for about 30 minutes

add potatoes and carrots and simmer for another 20-30 minutes or until potatoes are soft

remove bay leaf

serve w/ rice and cornbread

1 comment:

Lissaloo said...

Yummy! That looks like an amazing stew! I love soups! Pretty much all kinds but Beef stew is in the top 5 I think :) Great pictures! :)