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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chili Cheese Tots

I made this one night because we had tacos for dinner, then for lunch at work and it was still left over for the next nights dinner and if I ate one more burrito I may have turned into one!! Hubby wasn't keen on eating it again either so.......the taco meat went incognito!!

I can't tell you how much of this, that, or the other went into it, but I put the left over taco meat in a pot (go figure, if u use the microwave it's too much like left overs and I have to tick DH!) Anywho. I added garlic powder, tons of onion powder, cumin, chili powder, cayenne, paprika, Worcestershire sauce and ketchup. Yep! Ketchup! It sounds odd, but it really adds the sweet-tomatoey flavor that really changes it.

Bake your tots and top with meat. Christopher and I have 2 very different topping routines.



Sour Cream






Jalapeno juice

Sounds awful, but we really like it! I'll get you a photo next time I make it. Probably not the most figure friendly, but now a days I just try and get by! Don't judge me!

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