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Thursday, December 11, 2008

White Chicken Chili- Cheat

Yes, you can already tell that by saying "cheat" in the title that I used a seasoning packet...and believe it or not I followed the recipe. Well kinda, for the most part.

Kathryn discovered this and brought it to work for lunch one day. Well I drooled over it and she let me have a nibble. I had to make it for myself!

And from start to finish maybe 30 minutes. And that includes making rice and cornbread.

So you can basically follow the recipe on the back of the package. But I'll give you a rundown

1lb of chicken, cut very small
2-3 tbs veg oil
1 packet of White Chicken Chili
1 can of white beans (I used white kidney beans, but Kathryn used some other bean, they were both equally as good)
1 cup of water
heat oil to medium low and add chicken, put a lid on it and stir occasionally until its not pink.

Add beans, water, and seasoning packet and simmer for a few minutes.

I served it on top of rice and w/ cornbread muffins. Below is the 'mush deliciousness' that I made.

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