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Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Ends Today

I work a lot and every now and then I get a Thursday off. Just a lonely Thursday, I have to go back to work on Friday (stupid, huh?) Anywho. I woke up at 7:30 and my auto pilot was freaking out thinking I was late to work, but my body was like F you...we're off today. So I let the dogs out and we lounged in bed until about 10. I dragged myself out of bed, took a shower, and went to meet my friend for lunch. My hubs calls while I'm on my way to meet her and tells me to go check out a rug sale in the parking lot of the mall, kinda weird, but ok. No go on the rugs so I stammer inside the mall. Pick up a CD and a few t-shirts and then it hits. I want to buy something really cool, something cooking like...something at Bed Bath and Beyond! I still have $100 and some change in gift cards left from my wedding. (I know, how? just happened) They haunt me. They taunt me. They rule an entire pocket of my purse. I can't decide. I walk in there and just can't decide what to get. Do I buy the entire wall of gadgets? Save it and get that really expensive Dyson? I just don't know. Well the bug hits me at the mall and I B-line to my car to head off to BB&B. This Ends Today I say to ChiChi! (Side note: ChiChi is my car, she's bad ass) We blast the new rockin' CD we bought and zip on over. I will spend all the gift cards and get just stuff I want/need/whatever. I'm hopeful, excited, giddy, if you will. I walk thru the whole store. Hmm, kitchen mats, cheesecloths, gadets, plates, napkins,'s like Disney World for foodies! So I just puruse and see what's on sale and what I want. So then I'm thru....done w/ the whole store and I have nothing, nothing. So I walk back thru the store and pick up things here and there and it's not $100, but it's something. I walk to the front to pay and put my basket down and walk out. I buy nothing. I don't understand what the hold is these cards have on me? Why can't I spend them?! Seriously, is there a store in the world that you walk in and can't find ANYTHING you want? Unless it's like Baby Gap I pretty much have a want for everything! Therefore, I still have the gift cards and this is not over. I will overcome you BB&B Gift Cards.

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