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Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Birthday

So my birthday was yesterday and I had one of the best ones ever! My mother bought me several things before my birthday because she feels Im picky-whatever. She got me 2 Disney DVD's I wanted, a pancake pan, and some of the coolest Halloween kitchen towels ever! My wonder Fiance couldn't wait to give me his gifts so I got them the day before. He gave me a $50 gift card to a nail place in town and this adorable Fat Chef man tart burnger from Yankee Candle that totally matched my kitchen perfectly. (who knew he even realized the kitchen was done in Fat Chef Men!!) Anita sent me a box w/ Witch sock, a garlic press, nutrageous candies, and a card. Kathryn and her boyfriend, Eric gave me a gift card to the Gap!! yeaah! I got calls, emails, posts and text from several friends and family memebers. My parents took us out to dinner at La Nopalera and my niece and nephew came too! All in all it was a great birthday! Sebastian, my nephew, did hit me up for money for doing good in school, tho...and of corse I gave it to him and Isabella too. So thanks to everyone who made my birthday great!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like fun! And it looks like you managed to get a good man. (hey, he pays attention!!! yeah!!!) I already told you on your birthday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Crystal said...

Thanks Sarah! I do have a good man!

Twilight said...

Sorry I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday. Don't you just LOVE having an October birthday? Mine is on the 17th ... just two weeks before Halloween. I guess that's probably why Halloween is my favorite holiday. People used to ask me if I hated getting Halloween related items as birthday gifts, but they now know that I LOVE getting that stuff.

Crystal said...

oh yes me too. I love halloween!