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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving-The Bird

Okay, so this was my first T-day that I hosted at my house and I made the turkey. I had been talking to a friend earlier that day and she asked if I knew what I was doing. I (rather arrogantly) responded how hard could it be? have u seen some of the bozo's that make turkey?

Meet: The Bird. We'll call him Rosco. Why Rosco...idk it just happened.

So this is the point that my arrogance has turned into complete and utter frustration and I realize.....I have no clue what to do w/ Rosco. He was still a touch frozen and I was able to get the giblets bad out, but there was something in his butt which I couldn't get out. So I resorted to my AR friends and they said to put it in water. So an hour later hes almost ready and I attempt again to get the stuff out of his butt. So I tug and tug and finally pull out this well...thing! The neck! Im still having flash backs from that one! So I decided I was going to brine it. Well teeny tiny problem......I don't have a big enough pot so that was out. I decided to put Rosco back in the fridge to sleep off the humiliation of having his butt probed and I'd deal w/ him in the morning.

So the next morning I made some herb butter using garlic, salt, pepper, sage, and some other various spices in my pantry. I forgot to mention that I also stuffed his butt w/ onion, celery, carrots, 2 bay leaves, salt and pepper. And I realized, tonight while w/ some friends that I never removed the bay leaf from inside his butt. But, I didn't geat anything out of the butt so I guess we're good huh?

I rubbed the butter mixture under the skin and all over Rosco. I put him in my pan breast side down and cooked him for a few hours. Then I flipped him and browned the skin on the breast. Rosco was a tasty bird!! My first turkey was a success! See!

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